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Got the IC Chips…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Projects Tuesday Dec 1,2009

So I got the RS485 chips in the mail today and got them installed into the 2 boards that needed them and they are working. HOWEVER, as I was putting them together in the cat-5 daisy chain I realized that I have another board that is not working…. will this ever end?!? Needless to say […]

Wait and See…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Thursday Nov 19,2009

So we are in a “Wait & See” pattern right now. On Tuesday we ordered a new USB RS485 adapter, which will hopefully allow us to talk to our remaining controllers and hopefully the one that is at the very least, partially fried.  I have talked to a couple people that thinks that it should […]

The mini trees are done!!!

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Friday Oct 23,2009

Last year, pretty close to this exact time,  I sat out in my garage wrapping lights to make mini trees.  It was a learning experience, for sure.  Due to getting that bad batch of LED lights, I got to spend a few days this past week doing it all over again!  However, they are done, […]

Did A Light Test Tonight…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Sunday Nov 23,2008

Been working hard to get it all ready to go by Thanksgiving Night.  I had planned to get it all up and ready by November 2oth, that didn’t happen.  As long as we are ready by Thursday night, I’m ok with that. So, today I got 5 more controllers plugged in to everything and power […]

We have “snow” on our roof….

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Friday Nov 14,2008

It might not be the kind that fell from the sky, but we have snow flakes on our roof. We got them up there earlier tonight. One of my elves, Bob, went above (litterally) and beyond this afternoon. We had to finish making the stands for all 11 flakes and then get all of this, […]

Didn’t get much done today…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Projects Tuesday Nov 11,2008

Between having to work today and not feeling too hot, the rush I got yesterday after completing the Bethlehem Star was shot! I didn’t get too much done today but I did make the cat 5 cables we will need to run to our controllers. This is the first time I have ever done this […]

Our Bethlehem Star…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Projects Monday Nov 10,2008

So after 3 days of working on it… projecting the image onto the plywood, tracing the image, cutting out the shape, straightening the lines, measuring where to put the lights, drilling the holes, applying the primer and then 2 heavy coats of paint before putting the lights in this morning… our Bethlehem Star is complete! […]

Starting to deploy the lights…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Friday Nov 7,2008

Got our two 6 foot wire trees finished after adding an additional 1000 lights to each (500 of both red and green to go along with the 350-450 white lights that were already one each) and they are now out in the yard, secured in place. Also got the outline traced for Bethlehem Star and […]

Controllers are ready…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Projects Thursday Nov 6,2008

So it took me a bit to get them all together but they are ready! We added 5 more this year, 80 channels, to our 2, 32 channels, from last year to give us 112 channels total! Let me say that they were not hard to put together, just time consuming. I got the boards […]

Finally measured the windows…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Projects Monday Nov 3,2008

Instead of putting up standard incandescent minis around our windows this year, like I have for many, many years, I am putting up LED’s. However, not the LED minis… I’m using C6 size LED’s. Man these babies are BRIGHT!! (see photo below) Last year was the first year I did mini’s around our windows here […]

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