Lee Family Lights

Lee Family Lights We're Having A Very Merry Christmas in Lacey, WA

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Merry Christmas from The Lee’s…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Events Friday Dec 25,2009

The big day has finally come and is almost gone. Another year, more fun and even more memories. The Lee Family did our usual by spending Christmas Eve with our family and friends in Lacey, then went to Marysville Christmas morning. It was great getting to see everyone, which even included an “old” friend, Jim, […]

KOMO’s Parade of Lights…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Saturday Dec 19,2009

For the 3rd straight year we are listed on KOMO’s Parade of Lights page…

Christmas Enthusiast Prayer

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights Saturday Dec 19,2009

As I untangle strings of Christmas lights, Lord help me to remember that I do this first to honor You. Never let me get so prideful of my display that I fail to see the wonders in the eyes of a child or the joy on the faces of those who are still children at […]

This is why I do it…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights Tuesday Dec 15,2009

I got this message via Facebook last night and wanted to share it with everyone. It is the reason why I do this year after year… “I finally found your house and took a video of your beautiful lights for my dad to see……little things like that I think help make him feel a little […]


Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights Sunday Dec 13,2009

SO last night our lights ran perfectly for the 2nd straight night… we’re about 30 minutes from them coming on tonight and it’s snowing!! WOOHOO! The lights always look so much better with snow on the ground and on them. Can’t wait to see it!

We’ve Got Lights!!!

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights Friday Dec 11,2009

So, as of about 4:30pm this evening we have been running an 8 or 9 song light show. So far so good. Never really happy with my sequences, but they look kinda cool. Just glad to finally have something working… let’s see if it stays that way! 🙂

Nothing but problems…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Friday Dec 11,2009

This is a condensed post that will cover the past 2 days up until about 4pm today…. So Thursday morning around 10:45am I sat down to unwrap the new controller I got in the mail on Wednesday. I got it installed in the enclosure with no problems at all. I hooked it up to the […]

It’s Here….

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Wednesday Dec 9,2009

I got home late this evening but I was excited to see that my new controller is here. I will get it installed in the enclosure tomorrow afternoon, then I will get it installed in the display and start running test sequences tomorrow night! WOOOHOOOO!

We have an ETA…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Monday Dec 7,2009

Just a few minutes ago we got an email saying that our new controller was finally shipped!! We were told a week ago today that it would be shipped “This weekend”, that ended up being misinformation/lie/ignorance/whatever… either way, it’s on its way now. With it being shipped priority USPS from Magnolia, TX, I am expecting […]

Got the IC Chips…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Projects Tuesday Dec 1,2009

So I got the RS485 chips in the mail today and got them installed into the 2 boards that needed them and they are working. HOWEVER, as I was putting them together in the cat-5 daisy chain I realized that I have another board that is not working…. will this ever end?!? Needless to say […]

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