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Lee Family Lights We're Having A Very Merry Christmas in Lacey, WA

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The Lights Are On!!

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights Thursday Nov 25,2010

It’s Opening Day of the Christmas Lighting Season and as of 5pm tonight, they lights have sprang to life! If you get the chance to drop by and see the lights… be sure to tune to 107.5fm to “hear” the lights. If not, check out the Web Cam page for a look at the lights. […]

18 hours…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Misc Wednesday Nov 24,2010

Well, it’s as good as it’s gonna get for now I guess. I still have a few static items to put out, but with the ground so frozen, I still cant stake them in the ground, so they will have to wait. Other than that, I think we’re a go for 5pm tomorrow. The computer […]

44 hours to go…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Tuesday Nov 23,2010

The hours are counting down til the lights come on. There were things I planned to wait til this week to do and most of it is done, however, this past Monday we got hit with a big snow storm and since the ground is covered with snow, ice and is frozen solid in the […]

1 week to go!!!!

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Thursday Nov 18,2010

We have 1 week to go until the lights come on! We have had several problems, from water on the controllers, to water in the plugs and who can forget about the slugs getting in the controllers and being fried and when they go, they take a channel or 2 with them! The other day […]

A Quick Update…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights Saturday Nov 6,2010

As we sit right now we are 96.4% complete this year! All of our 7 controllers are plugged in and working properly. We just have a few smaller things to get done plus putting out the Cross & Angels as well as the Merry Christmas sign (which I think is going to have to have […]

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