Spent some time in the garage today testing controllers. Other than the 1 controller that is running the Halloween lights, I still had 6 more 16 channel controllers to test and make sure they were still in good working order. All but 1 of them were discovered perfectly via the “Hardware Utility” (HWU) and the one that wasn’t had simply lost it’s ID, so I hooked it up directly and reset it… works fine now. I did notice that on my #6 controller that channel #5 does not work at all. Gonna have to get that working, if not I will have to find a work around for it.

IMG00436-20091009-1255Yesterday I was finally able to unpack and test my LED lights. These are the ones, if you remember me talking about them last season, that I got via the PlanetChristmas.com presale held by Paul @ Creative Displays. We had finally taken the plunge into LED’s and got in on a great deal with the presale that Paul holds every year. Bottom line, these lights SUCKED!! They were so bad, and Paul knew it, that he would reship replacement sets to everyone that said they needed them and I needed several myself. He eventually made a deal with everyone that said we could use them, if they worked, for the season, then ship them back to him (at our cost) and he would ship us brand new 2010 LED’s when they can in (at his cost). I got my boxes in mid June but got to unpacking them just yesterday. I realized when doing so that I was missing 12 strings of C6 sized green LED’s. All I had to do was email Paul and he said he would have them in the mail to me on Monday. Very cool!!