So we are in a “Wait & See” pattern right now. On Tuesday we ordered a new USB RS485 adapter, which will hopefully allow us to talk to our remaining controllers and hopefully the one that is at the very least, partially fried.  I have talked to a couple people that thinks that it should work, at least the channels that weren’t directly effected by the fire.  The only way to know for sure is to have a working adapter, which I wont have until probably Tuesday or Wednesday (November 24th or 25th).  If it is to work, I am estimating all but 4 channels would work, based on what I have been told, then I can make a few adjustments in the mean time and the show will go on as close to originally scheduled as possible.  However, we did order a new controller board yesterday…. based on seasonal shipping delays, I am not expecting it until the first week of December, at the earliest (which will still allow us to do a full show through the main part of the holiday lights season).  The best part is that I originally thought it would be $300 to replace it right now, but I was also thinking that I had to replace everything with that controller, when in fact, I should only have to replace, at most, 3-4 output cables and of course, the board. The rest of it can still be used, so that dramatically cut down on cost.  SO… what does this really mean? Well, we have to “Wait & See”….