So yesterday Richard came over to help me troubleshoot the controller on the roof and after running a couple tests, we found that as with the last one that wasn’t talking to the computer, this one had a bad RS485 chip as well. So, I took one from a controller on the ground that I know works, tossed it up to Richard and he installed it. After plugging the controller back in, I tried connecting to it via Hardware Utility by running “Discover” and sure enough it was found. So I clicked “All On” and we had lights!! WOOHOOO!

So last night I flipped the 2 working controllers on and let the lights flash in a “Random Twinkle” mode. There is roughly 5800 lights that are up and going. Nothing is set to music yet, nor will it be until I get the rs485 chips I ordered yesterday (hoping by mid week next week) as well as my other board (hoping for about the same time).

The picture below is of the now famous RS485 chip I have been talking about 🙂