Lee Family Lights

Lee Family Lights We're Having A Very Merry Christmas in Lacey, WA


  • How Many Lights Do You Have?
    This year we will have over 20,000 lights. That’s up from 7,000 in 2007! As part of the 20,000 we have over 5,000 LED’s this year. They are very bright and use hardly any power, the best of both worlds!
  • How Long Did This Take You?
    Like any fun hobby, this is an all year thing. We barely turned the lights on last year before we started planning for this year. We worked on items through the year and started hanging lights around November 1st to have them all ready to go by Thanksgiving Night. To think back in the day, not that many years ago, I would wait until Thanksgiving to start hanging our lights and would have them on that night. Until 2006 I never had more than about 2,000 lights max! My how the times have changed. 🙂
  • How Do The Lights Flash To The Music?
    The entire show is run off our computer. We have 112 different animation channels, up from 32 in 2007, we use from different controller boxes. Each controller is connected to one another and then connected to our computer. From there we run our software, we use AuroraShow, and tell each element when to come on and how to come on and how long to stay on. This is called “Sequencing”. Each song is a different sequence. After creating the sequences we use a scheduler program to tell each sequence when to play.
  • How Do I Hear The Music From Your Lights On My Radio?
    We use a low powered FM Transmitter to broadcast the music that plays with our show from our computer to your radio. This works better cause then there is no loud music being played outside to annoy my neighbors.
  • What Kind Of Controllers Do You Use?
    We exclusively use D-Light’s ACx16 controller boards.
  • How Much Did All This Cost You?
    I honestly don’t have a real answer for that. I can say “Probably more than I would really care to admit to.” However, with lights collected through the years and things bought at after Christmas sales, I just simply don’t know a real #. After Christmas sales are they best. We ended up getting 92 boxes of 100 white mini lights last year for $0.25/box! These are lights that were going for $2.00 and as much as $2.49 during the season!
  • How Much Does This Increase Your Power Bill?
    This is the question we get the most often and the answer usually surprises people. 2007 was our first year doing a synchronized light show. By comparing our power bill from 2006 with 2007’s we noticed maybe a $35-$45 increase over a normal month. That actually went down over previous years because when you synchronize your lights, they are very seldom on. This year with adding so many more lights, since the biggest bulk of them are LED’s we don’t expect but maybe a $5 increase.
  • Did You Do All This By Yourself?
    No, there is noway that I could have done this all by myself. I have some great friends who are more than happy to help me out. I don’t want to name any by name for fear of leaving someone out, but I love to refer to them as my “Elves”. You can see pictures of these great people in different places around Lee Family Lights if you look closely. Let me also, once again, say THANK YOU to them for everything they have done to help put on Lee Family Lights.
  • Why Do You Go Through All of This Trouble?
    Who says there is any trouble doing this? Seriousy I do it because as a kid I always loved Christmas Lights. I couldn’t wait for this time of the year to be able to see all the different houses lit up. I never lost that feeling as I got older. I still enjoy taking time to drive around and see the way people decorate their houses for Christmas. This is just 1 big, bright way to celebrate the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ. This is actually something I can do to help spread cheer. I hope it makes people feel good when they watch our show and if it does, I’m glad to hear I helped make their day better if even in a small way.

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