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Got the adapter…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Uncategorized Monday Nov 23,2009

So, I got the adapter today, a full day earlier than I was hoping for it, yet it didn’t work!! We did some troubleshooting and it appears that the adapter either failed, or wasn’t worth the shipping price! So, D-Light told me they would ship me a new one right away and then I can […]

T-Minus 1 month to go and counting….

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc, Uncategorized Monday Oct 26,2009

1 month from RIGHT NOW the lights will be coming ON!  While I am getting excited to see the finished product, I am still quite nervous that everything will come together just right!  I guess that really stems from the issues that we had last year with the controllers, be that power leak issues or […]

No Lights…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Uncategorized Sunday Dec 14,2008

We left home on Thursday morning to fly to Oklahoma to attend my Mom’s funeral.  I just found out a few hours ago that they had a pretty nasty wind storm blow through Lacey and that the bulk of our lights are not on.  I have noticed trying to connect to the web cam that […]


Author: Ken | Filed under: Uncategorized Wednesday Dec 10,2008

I spent the weekend after Thanksgiving trying to get things ironed out just right with the lights and the controllers.  We are still having a few issues, but things arent as bad as they once were.  There are a few things I cant seem to get figured out with the controllers, issues we werent having […]

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