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Now THAT’s funny!!

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Thursday Oct 29,2009

T-Minus 1 month to go and counting….

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc, Uncategorized Monday Oct 26,2009

1 month from RIGHT NOW the lights will be coming ON!  While I am getting excited to see the finished product, I am still quite nervous that everything will come together just right!  I guess that really stems from the issues that we had last year with the controllers, be that power leak issues or […]

The mini trees are done!!!

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Friday Oct 23,2009

Last year, pretty close to this exact time,  I sat out in my garage wrapping lights to make mini trees.  It was a learning experience, for sure.  Due to getting that bad batch of LED lights, I got to spend a few days this past week doing it all over again!  However, they are done, […]

Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Show…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Events Wednesday Oct 21,2009

After really enjoying it last year, my wife and I decided to go to the opening day of the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift show at the Tacoma Dome this afternoon.  When it comes to putting you in the ‘Christmas Mood’, it certainly did not disappoint! We didn’t buy anything, like last year, yet between […]

Web Cams…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Thursday Oct 15,2009

So here we are, 42 days left until Thanksgiving and the start of this years Christmas Light show and I just tested the web cams and they are both fully operational! WOOHOO!  They will be online from time to time over the next 42 days, check them out, on the “Web Cams” page, cause the […]


Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Monday Oct 12,2009

I was out working in the yard yesterday, I had to do some landscape work (aka cutting bushes back and so on..) to get ready to start putting up the lights and a couple walked by asking if I was getting ready.  Told them I was and couldn’t wait!  People are already looking forward to […]

Testing controllers & lights…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Misc Saturday Oct 10,2009

Spent some time in the garage today testing controllers. Other than the 1 controller that is running the Halloween lights, I still had 6 more 16 channel controllers to test and make sure they were still in good working order. All but 1 of them were discovered perfectly via the “Hardware Utility” (HWU) and the […]

Got 4 more sequences to add…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Monday Oct 5,2009

Thanks to some help from a very generous “Elf”, we have 4 more songs/sequences that are almost done that we will be adding to this years show. So excited, I can’t wait to start setting it all up after Halloween. There is still a lot of work to be done in the mean time though. […]

Halloween Lights are on display…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Video Monday Oct 5,2009

Didn’t really do anything big this year for Halloween, maybe next year, but it is fun and worth a look. I might do a few tweaks to the sequence, but other than that they are they way they will be through Halloween. They are out and running from about 7pm-9pm nightly.

Getting Ready…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Friday Oct 2,2009

Halloween is a go!  I have started preparing for our small show for Halloween this year.  It’s actually a little bigger than last year, 11 lighted pumpkins instead of just 6, but nothing like what some people do for this holiday!  It’s gonna be fun to get back working with the controllers and setting up […]

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