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Another controller that’s working…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Controllers Saturday Nov 28,2009

So yesterday Richard came over to help me troubleshoot the controller on the roof and after running a couple tests, we found that as with the last one that wasn’t talking to the computer, this one had a bad RS485 chip as well. So, I took one from a controller on the ground that I […]

Fire Sale Board…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Controllers Friday Nov 27,2009

So this morning I took the time to disassemble the controller that melted down. As I did I took a few pictures, just wanted to share them with everyone so they can see what I was looking at as I took it apart.

Playing Operation…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Controllers Wednesday Nov 25,2009

So for the last few hours I have been working on my # 8 controller. It was the controller directly after the one that melted down… is that why something is wrong? I dunno. But I can say that I have been talking to people on the D-Light forums and working on the board as […]

Getting there….

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Wednesday Nov 25,2009

So I got a package today with the adapter in it and IT WORKS!!! However, I now realize that I can’t talk to a couple controllers, so I am going to have to what I can do to get that fixed. 1 step closer!!!

Pay it Forward…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Tuesday Nov 24,2009

Remember yesterday when I said that a fellow “D-Light-er” in Texas (let’s call him John) was gonna ship me one of his spare adapters to use, well today he told me he not only shipped it, but he shipped it “Next Day Air”, which means I will have it here TOMORROW!! I told him thank […]

Holy Cow!!

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Monday Nov 23,2009

So not that long ago I got an email from a fellow “D-Light-er” in Texas who asked for my mailing addy so he could ship me one of his spare V2 adapters to try!! Holy cow! I was blown away by the generosity!!! Can’t wait to get it and give it a try… hopefully that […]

Got the adapter…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Uncategorized Monday Nov 23,2009

So, I got the adapter today, a full day earlier than I was hoping for it, yet it didn’t work!! We did some troubleshooting and it appears that the adapter either failed, or wasn’t worth the shipping price! So, D-Light told me they would ship me a new one right away and then I can […]

Part 1 is shipped…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Saturday Nov 21,2009

Got an email today that told me that my adapter was shipped today…. hopefully that means it will be here on as anticipated, on Tuesday.

Wait and See…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Thursday Nov 19,2009

So we are in a “Wait & See” pattern right now. On Tuesday we ordered a new USB RS485 adapter, which will hopefully allow us to talk to our remaining controllers and hopefully the one that is at the very least, partially fried.  I have talked to a couple people that thinks that it should […]


Author: Ken | Filed under: Controllers Tuesday Nov 17,2009

Things were going great! We were 8 days ahead of schedule. The lights came on last night after being hooked up to the computer… then this morning happened! I have no clue what the issue is, but have been told by the looks of it, “Dead short from hot to ground somewhere.” Not really sure […]

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