Are we really less than 19 1/2 hours from going “LIVE”!?!?  I think we are almost ready.  Got to plug in the timers for the power supplies, got to put up the blow up Santa and Frosty and set up the spots for the “Listen To Our Lights” signs.  I have other static things to get out, but since *I* am cooking tomorrow I doubt that I will get that done until this weekend, which is still cool.

When I was out in the yard working on positioning the web cam a neighbor of mine came up and introduced himself, Elliott, and we got to talking and the next thing you know we were hooking up the web cam in the corner of his yard.  Its at an angle that needs me to be able to adjust it a bit and you can tell its from a distance, but it gives a better view of everything, although smaller, than if it was in my yard.  The perfect position for it would be in the neighbors directly across the street, but as I have said before, I dont know them, so I dont really want to ask them… if we get to talking, I will, for sure.

Gotta get some ZZZZ’s now so I can get up and get the Turkey in the oven.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all and be sure to check out the web cams tomorrow night!! 🙂