We left home on Thursday morning to fly to Oklahoma to attend my Mom’s funeral.  I just found out a few hours ago that they had a pretty nasty wind storm blow through Lacey and that the bulk of our lights are not on.  I have noticed trying to connect to the web cam that its either not on or now it’s totally black.  After hearing about the wind storm, this made sense to me.  We were unable to connect when the power was out and now that it is back on it appears that the wind had blown the cam out of position, so it needs reset.  As for the lights, well, as we all know its run via a computer so when the power went out, the computer went off.  Thus with it resetting and with us in Oklahoma until Sunday, our lights wont be back on until Sunday night, the 14th, at the earliest.  When we get home we will assess the damage and see what we can do and see how soon we can get everything back on.

The show must go on, right?  With that said, as soon as I can get everything back up and running, there will be light.

Pray for us as we fly home today.  Sounds like we will have to deal with snow in Denver as well as Seattle!