Today was one of those days where you just know the weather man is gonna be wrong… all of them.  You see, living in Western Washington whenever they predict snow, especially in large amounts, we might see a flake or 2. So, while they were calling for 6-12 inches for us, I really thought we would just get a flake or 2… WRONG!  The snow started falling around Noon as my wife and I were getting ready to go shopping.  I never go shopping, especially to the mall, on the last Saturday before Christmas… but today was different.  It’s not the shopping I wanted to talk about, it’s the snow!  So after we finished up what we needed to do, had a bite to eat, we headed towards some friends in Tumwater.  This was about 4ish and it was still snowing and starting to come down harder at times.  After a quick stop at Safeway, we got to Richard & Valerie’s just after 5pm.  Between then and when we tried to leave just after 10pm, the snow never stopped.  It looks so amazing and as we left our friends house we were really loving it… until we couldn’t get the van to budge!  Heck, even then we were laughing about it.  I finally had to go get Richard and his shovel to help us dig out.  Between us both shoveling, Yvonne trying to drive and us pushing, we finally got it out on to the street enough where we were no longer in danger of going up on the sidewalk (though, honestly, with as much snow as was there, there was no way to tell what was street and what was sidewalk, it was all the same level).  At this point when we realized that there would be no way that we could simply have Yvonne turn the van around and pick me up, Richard suggested driving in reverse all the way up his street to the main cross road that was already plowed… and so thats what he did!  As Yvonne and I were walking down the street, with it still dumping snow (allbeit a very fine almost just shaved ice) I told her, “I am SOOOO gonna blog about this!”

The drive home on I-5 wasn’t really that bad, honestly.  There were no lanes though, you couldn’t see the lines, it was just 4 lanes of solid white, compact snow and ice.  As we tried taking our exit, the idiot in front of me decides he is gonna slow down and take the same exit, which caused me to slow down so much that there was no way that I would be able to get over the snow heaps from where it was plowed… so we went to the next exit and made our way back, which looked to be better roads anyway.

As we got into our neighborhood the roads got worse but being the “Rock Star” my wife called me, I got us home. I even tried pulling up our driveway, but that wasn’t happening!!  So we parked at the base of the drive and walked up and sure enough as I did, I fell… again!  For the 2nd time in 3 days.  This time when I realized I was alright, I made a snow angel and just had fun with it.

Below are some of the pictures that we took tonight of our lights and all the snow as well as a link to more pictures on our Picasa site.  I can’t recall a time in recent memory where we have had this much snow at one time, especially not expecting more… so we have been enjoying it while we can.

The Great Snow Storm of 2008!