Last year, pretty close to this exact time,  I sat out in my garage wrapping lights to make mini trees.  It was a learning experience, for sure.  Due to getting that bad batch of LED lights, I got to spend a few days this past week doing it all over again!  However, they are done, so it’s time to move on to something else, but before I do, let me share a bit of how I make my mini trees….

I learned how to do this by reading about how others did theirs online.  I start off with a 30 inch wire easel from my local craft store, in this case its “Michaels”.  Since it doesn’t sit even, I clip off the leg on 1 side so it does.  I then take a zip tie and secure the bracket on the leg and make sure its good and tight.  After testing my lights to make sure they all light up, I grab my sharpie and label the plug so later I will be able to tell what color that plug belongs to.  From there its a matter of wrapping the lights around the easel, stopping at each  leg to zip tie it tight.  After working my way around all the way up to the top, with a decent amount of space between each row, I work my way back down.  Once all the lights are secured to the easel, I move on to the next color and start it all over again.  Eventually I have 3 strings of 70 lights in White, Green and Red for a total of 210 lights on each mini tree.  Pretty simple really.  What you have to remember the most is that you want to have as many “points of light” to be seen, but the overall “glow” is what I feel is most important.

Below you will find pictures of the process: