With all the rain we have been having, things have been moving rather slowly.  After the big jump on getting lights out last Sunday, I have really slowed down.  However, this weekend, we have made great strides.  We now have out our Trumpeting Angels, our 2 6 foot wire trees as well as the LED snowflakes on each side of the rock well.  Today I have been taking time to start connecting items to their controllers and have all 12 mini trees hooked up as well as a few other items for a  total of 42 channels plugged in so far.  I hope to get back out and put a few more things in before I call it a night, but that will depend on the rain.  With just over a week and 1/2 to go, the only things i am worried about getting in place in time is the gutter line and the roof.  As always, if it’s raining I don’t want anyone up there, so we gotta pray for no rain on Sunday (this coming weekend or the following)!!