Just a few minutes ago we got an email saying that our new controller was finally shipped!! We were told a week ago today that it would be shipped “This weekend”, that ended up being misinformation/lie/ignorance/whatever… either way, it’s on its way now. With it being shipped priority USPS from Magnolia, TX, I am expecting it here Wednesday/Thursday.

So what does that mean? That means by Thursday night we should be running tests of full sequences, then by Friday night we should be running the show.

In the mean time I need to get outside today/tomorrow and start rearranging things. We will still be down about 20 channels this year, but I am able to rearrange things, put things together (ie..put the angels and cross on 1 channel instead of 2, the rock wall snow flakes on 1 channel instead of 2 and so on) so we can have basically the same amount of lights, just less “animation control” this year. Either way, I will just be glad we have a show and as they say…. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

1 step closer, check back with us daily for updates! WOOHOOO!