We have 1 week to go until the lights come on! We have had several problems, from water on the controllers, to water in the plugs and who can forget about the slugs getting in the controllers and being fried and when they go, they take a channel or 2 with them! The other day a plug on one of our green candy canes decided to just meltdown and explode! (see pic below). Then after a nasty windstorm on Monday night, which saw 1 of our reindeer being blown over into our drive way… well, needless to say, the wife didn’t see him and well, he will not be with us this season (a moment of silence for Mr. Reindeer…..). She kilt him, SQUASH… just like grape! (see pic below). Despite all of this, come Sunday we will make our final push to get the rest of what we have out and set up so we can be ready to run full sequence tests on Wednesday night and then set the computer up to start running the show on Thursday night!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yeah, I almost forgot…. we also have not 1, not 2, but 3 wireless web cameras up and running that will be pointed on the lights from various places. Be sure to check the “Web Cam” page come Thursday for links to those!! We might be adding a 4th, stationary USB camera, as well. We shall see….

Have a great weekend… and we’ll see ya as the lights come on! 🙂

Here are those pix I mentioned above: