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Lee Family Lights We're Having A Very Merry Christmas in Lacey, WA

It finally arrived!!

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Wednesday Oct 1,2008

It took a while to get here from China, but our FM Transmitter has finally arrived!! I attached the antenna, plugged it in and started broadcasting. Took a bit to get it working the way I wanted. I had to do some research and read some message board posts from others that have this same unit. Bottom line is that I got it working and as of this morning it was working great! I used “Christmas Wrapping” as my test song this morning… love that song!! So now we will be able to transmit the music of our light show. WOOHOO! 🙂

It’s not too early is it??

Author: Ken | Filed under: Holiday Cooking Tuesday Sep 30,2008

I made my first batch of Peanut Butter Fudge last night. Not because I wanted some, but because my wife wanted to take some to a going away party at work on Thursday. No matter what the reason, it sure was strange making fudge in Sepetmber!! By the way… it’s FANTASTIC!! 🙂

Change in plans…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Monday Sep 29,2008

After spending a few days working on a 3 colored “Merry Christmas” sign we decided to scrap those plans for this year cause it was going to take way too much time to complete. So we decided to go with a single color for each word, “Merry” being green and “Christmas” being red. Saturday I completed the design (chosing a font, tranfering to transparency paper and tracing onto the corplast via overhead projector). Yesterday I did the painting and today I plugged the lights in for “Merry”. So far so good. I hope to have “Christmas” done soon. I still have to make the last “M” for it and paint it, along with plug in all the lights.

Getting things started…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Lights, Projects Tuesday Sep 23,2008

Started making our “Merry Christmas” sign. Got our first “M” almost done. Gonna have to go back and reposition a few lights, but other than that I am pretty happy with it. Its made by poking holes in a piece of coroplast and pushing lights into the holes. Normally you would only do 1 color per letter, but I’m crazy and doing 3 colors per letter. Man my fingers hurt!!! This will go up on our roof at the very top line. So while it may not be perfect, it will look good that high up. The following clip was taken on my cell phone, low res, so sorry about that, but it gives you an idea. Man those white lights are bright!! Only 13 more letters to go! 🙂

2 months…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Saturday Sep 20,2008

I just realized that I want to have everything done, in place and ready to go by November 20th.  That’s 2 months from today.  That’s 1 week before Thanksgiving, which is typically the night I “Go Live”, but if I can plan for that day and be ready, all is golden.

I have been thinking about what I am planning to do, between the mini trees, Merry Christmas sign, the bushes and so on and I really hope that I have enough lights.  I would hate to have to buy more at these prices.  I know I have plenty of white mini lights, bought like 9200 (92 boxes of 100) for about 25 cents a box after Christmas last year. But between the reds and greens, I honestly don’t know how many I have.  I guess I need to figure that out soon huh?

I also need to figure out where I am gonna use all my new LED lights.  I have just over 5000 of them, in 2 sizes, and 3 colors per size.  Each color/size I have 12 strings of 70.  I know that I will use the c6’s to line my gutters and I am thinking about using them to do my front windows as well.  If I do, that opens all of the LED minis to be used elsewhere.  So where? Mini trees?  Bushes?  I don’t have enough to use them for the Merry Christmas sign, so thats outta the question.

So many things to do, so many choices to be made and just 2 months to get it all done 🙂

On your FM Dial….

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Friday Sep 19,2008

It was about midway through last season that my wife, Yvonne, decided that for next year we need an FM Transmitter to broadcast the music that goes with our lights.  I agreed and so I finally ordered it this morning.  It should have plenty enough strength to send our signal up and down our street with ease. I will hopefully have it by next Friday and I can’t wait to test it out!

Just getting started…

Author: Ken | Filed under: Misc Thursday Sep 18,2008

Welcome to the Lee Family Lights Blog.  Over the next several weeks, as Christmas approaches, we will be posting updates on how our 2008 Christmas Display is shaping up.  We look forward to sharing the spirit of the holidays with everyone and can’t wait to see what the end product will look like this year!  Check back often cause we have a lot going on!!

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